Asakusa kaminarimon, Tokyo

Asakusa where Edo flavor is left in Tokyo is always full of tourists.

asakusa kaminarimon

Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Todai-ji Temple is registered with world's cultural heritage.

Todai-ji temple

Nara park UKIMIDO, Nara

A cherry tree reflected in the pond is very beautiful.

Kofuku-ji Temple, Nara

The Buddhist image sculpture stored up has the value of seeing.

Kofuku-ji temple
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Hakata Yamagasa Festival

6 月 3rd, 2008 by mastor | 0

If called a festival in the summer in Kyushu and Fukuoka, ” it is Hakata Gion Yamagasa festival “. During July 1st - the period until the 15th, a wide range of events are hosted. Most the highlight is “OIYAMA” which starts at four fifty-nine on July 15th. It shoulders a big portable shrine at the crowd and it is a competing race in the drive time at the 5 kilometer course.

The official schedule

■ July 1st - 0 o”clock, the 15th : The “KAZARI YAMAGASA” making public

It makes public “KAZARI YAMAGASA” in each city place. It puts together a big turret hangar as much as the 10 meter height and it places a doll in it. This doll models celebrity one in the warrior times and a animated character.

■ July 1st evening : “OSHIOITORI”

It is the event that it is possible to make that only the city which the rota made the rounds of does to be the year. It runs to Hakozaki Hama in “OSHIOIMICHI”, it adjusts a hand to the sinking setting sun and it does safe prayer for the event. Then, it puts “OSHIOI” ( sand on the seashore ) in the bamboo basket which is called “TEBO” and it takes back it.

■ July 9th evening : “OSHIOITORI”

Participant all the members do “OSHIOITORI” in Hakozaki Hama. The glory of the view because of 400 - 1000 in one team.

■ July 10th evening : “NAGAREGAKI”

In the area of the team of us, it shoulders a portable shrine to the every corner.

■ July 11th early morning : “ASAYAMA”

It is called another name “SYUUGI-YAMA”, too, and it invites a president in the city and so on and it is superstitious.

■ July 11th evening : “NAGAREGAKI”
It shoulders a portable shrine to the area of the other teams.

■ July 12th fifteen fifty-nine : “OIYAMA-NARASHI”

It does the rehearsal of “OIYAMAGASA” at the about 1 km reduced course.Because it measures time, there is a speed.

■ July 13th fifteen thirty : “SYU-DAN YAMAMISE”

All portable shrines run all together in 1.3 kilometers from Gofuku-machi to the Fukuoka-shi government office.

■ July 14th evening : “NAGAREGAKI”

It is the event of the completing which reaches the which is finally real more “OI-YAMAGASA” previous day.

■ July 15th four fifty-nine : “OIYAMA、SHIZUMENO-NO”

It is the payoff event of the Hakata Gion Yamagasa festival. The 1st portable shrine leaves ” Kushida Shrine ” precincts at four fifty-nine a.m., runs an about 5 kilometer course to Susaki Machi and the time of the required time competes.

The inspection place

It is only in the Kushida Shrine precincts that there is a seat only in “OIYAMA-NARASHI” on July 12th, “OI-YAMAGASA” on July 15th. The sale of the inspection ticket is done only at the Kushida Shrine. It is the popularity to be sold-out as much as 10” because it is little with the limit on the 2nd for “OIYAMA-NARASHI” and “OIYAMAGASA” and moreover about 350 seats. It is as the all-night sitting group, too, goes out. Every year, on June 26th, it is sold from 9 a.m. at the shrine office at the Kushida Shrine. ( Be careful in sometimes changed. )

The recommendation inspection spot of “OIYAMA-NARASHI”"OIYAMAGASA” is as follows.

The transversal road at the Kushida Shrine The state of the set and the tension of Kushida income can taste. To enter from the side at the Kushida Shrine to the “KOKUTAI-DOURO” road Near the intersection It is the place where an alternation is done by the public by the “TAIHAKU-DORI” road. Near Gion intersection Gion intersection turns left from the “KOKUTAI-DOURO” road, and the return of the time in the halfway point and all mountains which head for the Shoten temple can be seen. The Susaki wholesale district ( The home ) It is possible to appreciate the that the moving that the sense of fulfillment after the goal is crowded with the place with the last taken last spurt is done moment.

The recommendation inspection spot of “SYUDAN-YAMAMISE” is as follows.

The side of the inland in ” Nishioohashi ” which spans Nakagawa The individual can survey straight from Gofuku-machi which is a start spot to the distance, being the place where the “MEIJI-DOROI” road which was stretched, becoming becomes a gentle curve. Also, because this place is the top which was made an acclivity from downhill which is gentle far, it is the place where to survey the whole “MEIJI-DOROI” road is made. It finds that it is a best place from the place where a lot of TV station is holding a camera, too. It is the meaning which goes and hosts a festival in the highway-regulation but when seeing in the side of a road, will be enough if waiting from the front of about 30 minutes of starts.

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